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The Scotty Cameron SPEED SHOP

For nearly two decades, Scotty’s Custom Shop has offered creative ways to personalize Scotty Cameron putters. From stylized paint schemes and hand-stamped characters to technical adjustments and exclusive accessories, it has been the go-to place for authentic Scotty Cameron custom work and items.

Now, we introduce the Speed Shop. As the name implies, it’s fast! Quicker, racy and designed to deliver Custom Shop-themed items and accessories to you without the need to send in a putter.

To kick off the Speed Shop, we have created a few new items featuring our fearless front-runner Johnny Racer on clip pivot tools, stickers, hats, putting disks, t-shirts and more. As he proves himself as a trusty Shop team member, look for more Johnny Racer gear in the Speed Shop.

Check out what’s new today in the Speed Shop.



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